IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Qinbao Zhang

Projet Description

Through the minimalist but not extreme color material, through the functional areas of planning, with geometric design concept, office space point, line, surface design connection, using the group for a group of designers engaged in soft outfit design, to break the traditional office design concept, to "shape" in the space how to comprehensive "drawing" enterprise concept, convey content output is particularly important
Design with the most straightforward geometric lines interweave and separation as an invisible space "boundary", designer Zhang Qinbao hope, through the most basic block design and cooperation, let function changeable but focus, space receiver freely guide the rhythm of the quiet work, through the geometric modeling in straightforward expression highlights studio detail pursuit, the details of space relationship gap correlation, is not disturb "care", in the interesting "peep", increase the fun of space use, let into the space of everyone is "miss".

Qinbao Zhang

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