IDPA Japan Design Award

Interesting changes in space

by Bingjie wang

Projet Description

In the age of material abundance, spiritual satisfaction has become the public expectation. This project is designed for a family of three. The concept of a cave is formed through a "large installation", which increases the amusement while solving the problem of spatial movement. In the pattern transformation, we made subtractive processing, turning the original two bathrooms into a multifunctional separated toilet, washing area, toilet area and shower area, so that the use of comfort of residents greatly improved. In style shaping, we used a more unified and seamless rock resistant material, so that the whole space can present the soft and comfortable cream color.

Bingjie wang

Founder and Chief Designer of Beijing Qiqiao Tiangong Decoration Design Co., LTD., graduated from Beijing Forestry University. Registered Interior Architect of China Building Decoration Association, Registered Designer of Home Decoration Chamber of Commerce of China Federation of Industry and Commerce. Since 2017, he has won several awards of domestic professional interior design competitions, as Guest Designer of Yue Space of Hebei TV, Guest Designer of Space Example of CCTV-2, Guest Lecturer of Interior Design major of Beijing Forestry University. With the motto "Hard work is to make feelings fall into the ground", he believes that design is a perfect combination of unconstrained perceptual thinking and pragmatic rational thinking.

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