IDPA Japan Design Award

Luxury to elegant degree, outline the space and the true

by Peiyao Li

Projet Description

The design infuses the space with light luxury and elegant style in a peaceful attitude.
Light is a kind of elegant attitude, low-key, comfortable; Luxury is a kind of quality style, noble, confident; Luxury to elegant degree, light luxury in the form, elegant in. Deduce the advanced aesthetics of life together.
Spatial logic
The design disassembled almost all the non-load-bearing structures of the original frame, and incorporated the original outdoor corridor into the interior space, reconstructing the spatial logic in a manner that was as open as possible.
The public space is almost free of superfluous furnishings, and Minotii's Lawrence sofa and single chair, with their clear and chic silhouettes, show a simple and extraordinary beauty in a gentlemanlike manner, confident and elegant.
Stylist used 5 double to open the door in whole case, show the action line that gives wangmen familial calm demeanor, the person is in among them action line also did interesting guide and decorate, layer upon layer progressive relation brings the ritual feeling of the home of layer peak.
The sense of natural distance
The extension of the space shortens the distance between human and nature. The French Windows allow light and fresh air to reach every part of the interior space freely. The afforest landscape outside the window also resembles the dynamic picture scroll of alternating fine rain, the different Angle that lets reside indoors can appreciate completely beautiful state.
The design uses a grille wall to divide the multi-functional dining area, which is not only the dining room, but also a western kitchen area with a separate island.
The German original western kitchen cabinet shows the owner's good taste, the light luxury keynote is to convey a mood and life, the double door next to the table is a closed wine cellar. The CREED WOOD wine tasting chair, casually placed in front of the window, makes it easy for the owner to enjoy a glass of wine before dinner.
transitions The ritual of coming home
The green planting end of the staircase is an area formed after the original outdoor corridor is closed. The left turn is the porch corridor of this case, which is different from the traditional residence, extending from the staircase to the living room to the door, plus the green vitality to create a special sense of ceremony to go home.
style Elegant and poetic An elegant imperial concubine chair before the window and bedroom background completed the dialogue, holding a leisure book here, the green scenery into shade outside the window, relax the body also let the mood become relaxed and happy. The master bedroom design is elegant and bright, and the symmetrical shape of curved wrapping strengthens B&B's black leather bed with lavender hard bag background, showing the exquisite high-grade texture and generous and elegant bearing. order It is subjective and objective consistency
Advocate defend collected double stage basin, bath crock, shower, closestool 4 sets, the white ceramic tile of natural grain is spread, with black ground brick contrast, let whole space look neat and order. Floor-to-ceiling Windows offer panoramic views of the natural landscape while relaxing in the shower. intellectual Inward peace
The study hides inside at cloakroom, it is a quiet, comfortable space. Opposite the desk is a bespoke bookcase, and out the window is a green forest. A green plant is also placed in the room to bring the natural scenery to the interior. Tired can let the mood and eyes are fully rested, very suitable for a person to work here at ease thinking.
The perceptual Pure and fresh and tender
Daughter room set color to choose elegant and modern gray pink match color, melting pink meets low-key gray. In addition, the Romantic lines of European style bring a fresh and gentle feeling, and also bring considerable identification to the space.
rational Concise hale and hearty Differ radically with daughter room, the design element of boy room is presented with simple, hale integral style.
The material that ash walnut pledges tie-in fine metal handle, modelling is simple the lamp that does not lack design feeling is acted the role of again, add the stereo adornment mural that stylist chooses meticulously, satisfy the imagination that designs on rational foundation. Simple but not monotonous.
Use a line Migratory form
The kitchen is designed with two entrances, migratory lines, allowing people to move freely in the field. "Two" type structure layout, one side is cooking area and the other side is washing and cutting area, clear division of labor. A separate faucet is also set above the stove for convenient cooking and water. outfit Exquisite display
In the basement, a walk-in shoe cabinet is provided by a pair of glass doors. Open cabinet cabinet and vitreous cabinet door are arranged in turn, showing spatial order not only is a kind of beauty and ritual feeling. pattern The imagination of breaking and then standing
The biggest bright spot of the whole project design is the transformation of the space corridor by the designer, as well as the full imagination of the interior space pattern, so that this big house deep in the core area of the city, has the dual aesthetic feeling of nature and nobility.

Peiyao Li

【 Personal Profile 】 Graduated from the Department of Environmental Art, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics March 2000 -- June 2003 Nanjing No.4 Construction Engineering Co., LTD., chief writer and designer of model house July 2003 - December 2007 Nanjing Decoration United Head office as the chief designer July 2008 -- present Guangdong Xingyi Decoration Company as senior design director Senior interior Designer of ICDA International Architectural Decoration Interior Design Association Registration Number: ICDADJA2190 Senior interior Designer of IIAA International Informatization Certification Association Registration Number: ZY200637050 Asia Pacific International Design senior interior designer Registration Number :2019-0729040 Asia Pacific International Design Certification member Registration Number :190730-0068046 Member of China Building Decoration Association Registration Number :JSB01AFP1JMS8450 Shenzhen soft decoration Industry Association designer certification member Excellent Designer of Jiangsu Province

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