IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

The Essence

by MoreIn Design

Projet Description

In a common multi-family residential space, we often encounter such issues as large beams and imbalanced structures. We try to turn these defects of the apartment into unique strengths in the most simple and natural way. By converting materials and introducing sunlight, we upgrade the quality and inner spirit of life in this space. We further maximize the function and storage of the space, presenting the purest and most comfortable essence.
For the public sphere, we rearrange the fragmented space and focus on a long table for family gathering and bonding. We also weaken the stiffness of the structure and extend the upward vision of the space. Both sides of the beam are covered with large zebra wood with titanium-plated metal at the bottom. With the contrast of the materials, we present natural and exquisite texture, turning the beam into a focus of the apartment.
The master bedroom is divided into a working area and sleeping area through the use of grilles. The diagonally upward opening of the ceiling leads one to see the sky when lying in bed. The gaps and directions of the grilles are based on the angles of sunshine. The light and shadow in the space change beautifully with the sun.
In this case, we reset the user behavior to reduce a large number of decoration and coating behaviors; in addition to reducing the consumption of building materials, we also reduce the user's material desires, thereby reducing the consumption of earth resources.

MoreIn Design

MoreIn Design, makes the comprehensive design with architectural perspective and thinking, and integrates the needs, environment, humanities, aesthetics, budget and future growth through the full communication with people and brands, and tries to use different materials, methods and themes, to customize and create the most appropriate space atmosphere and appearance.
2022 International Design Award /Honorable Mention
2022 TITAN Award / Gold Prize
2021 IF Design Award/Winner
2021 SIDA Design Award / Gold Prize
2021 APIDA Design Award / Winner
2021 Architecture Master Prize / Honorable Mention
2021 APSDA Design Award / Honorable Mention
2021 Nuvom Design Award / Gold Prize
2020 SIDA Design Award / Silver Prize
2020 K Design / Gold Prize
2020 German Design Award / Special Selection

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