IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Ingenious use of floor height to recess a sunken living room

by Sean Shi

Projet Description

The original floor height of the apartment was 3.8m. However, due to the restriction of a large number of interlaced beams, the usable floor height was only 3.5m, which could not be made into a double-layered LOFT space. In addition, there is a two-step difference between the balcony and the living room and the partition of the sliding door. The balcony that cannot be integrated into the room appears independent, making the overall space more cramped. The homeowner hopes to have a lot of storage space and meet the needs of activity space when friends gather.
By raising the 50cm floor, not only a large number of storage functions are added, but the balcony area is integrated with the living room, making it more visually open.
The characteristic sunken living room and sunken bathtub break the openness and visual monotony of the living room space.
The whole house is designed with 7 different storey heights according to different frequency of use and comfort. The space is divided by the level of staggered relationship, and finally a comfortable and easy-to-use experience is achieved.

Sean Shi
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