IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Sky Baiyue

by Yibo Kong

Projet Description

The original structure space was wasted and the daylighting area was all on the east side, and the landscape was not good in all directions. After being renovated by the designer, the space shows the unique charm of the new urban apartment in a gorgeous display method. The transformation of the space reflects the interspersed light perception to the greatest extent, and at the same time it seems to integrate the stunning city skyline of Beijing into the interior, directly improving the quality of the space. In terms of visual colors, Cartier’s classic red color is used in the entrance hall and dining area. The reception area uses the classic orange collocation of Hermès. The hostess's favorite cloakroom is matched with Bulgari's classic blue. Finally, the noble violet is also the favorite of the male host, as the color of the bedroom. The colors of the entire space are interspersed, but they are integrated as a whole. Soft and comfortable, but also unique. In terms of space decoration, the owl is a favorite mascot of customers, and the designer also painted themed paintings by himself, adding a bright spot to the space.

Yibo Kong
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