IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Huzhou · TianXi Villa

by Guanyu Space Design (Zhejiang) Co., LTD

Projet Description

[" Yin-mi "-- Boot found]
Put aside the form of external representation and seek the intrinsic essence of intimate relationship -- the space of "home" is not confined to the "box" containing people and things at the morphological level, but through the creation of multidimensional atmosphere, it touches the perceptual experience and constructs the appropriate state of family living together.
The original intention of "Yin-mi" is to take space as a medium, to pull and hold the delicate distance of family, and express it as a proper interface scale.
Interior space has its own "enclosing", achieving the effect of field restriction. The space interface shapes, materials and colors are integrated into each other, which is associated with the compound state of family's public area Settings and private space division. "overlap" is not only a way of considering the space from multiple angles of design, but also a reflection of the complex relationship between functions and uses.
Guanyu Space Design upholds the concept of contemporary simplicity, exploring the reinterpretation of the relationship between home space and modern living: the juxtaposition of geometry, art and natural elements.
[Freedom & Applicable]
The concept of "Freedom" is not limited to behavioral informality, but to psychological defencelessness. "Applicable" on the basis of practicality, endowed with convenient and functional appropriate connotation.
We plan the layout of the 4-storey townhouse as "2+1+1" :
-1F and 1F, planning a "common" reading area, living room, dining room, kitchen, and flexible guest room.
Above 2F is the "exclusive" space that pays more attention to privacy: 2F is the whole floor, consisting of the master bedroom, cloakroom and the main bathroom;
3F contains the boys' room and a separate study.

Guanyu Space Design (Zhejiang) Co., LTD

Guanyu Space Design, founded in hangzhou, Zhejiang province in 2019, is an interior design company focusing on "minimalist" style,Modern, Taiwan-style, Wabi-sabi, Urban Erben style can be our label.Adhering to the design concept of "people-oriented continuous exploration", we are committed to providing professional whole case design, construction landing and product procurement services for various high-end private homes and commercial Spaces.Guanyu team is composed of a group of high-quality "young designers",Professional designers are responsible for the implementation from the scheme to the effect drawing, from the deepening to the product configuration."Coexistence of independence and cooperation" is the core value of Guanyu team.

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