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CoCo zhongshan Road store, Qingdao


Projet Description

Location: Zhongshan Road, Qingdao, Shandong province
Project area: 192 m2
Main materials: stone, stainless steel, wave board, brick, art paint, glass
Project photography: Chen Chen
Tags::Transformation,Qingdao, Shandong
Only when people get to a completely different, exciting city will their nerves revive.Traveling isn't just "going somewhere else," it makes you believe that even the most common days can be colorful. -- MARTIN PARALLEL
CoCo's new store is located on Zhongshan Road, Qingdao, which is a crucial century-old street in Qingdao's old town. It started from the German occupation period and carries Qingdao's cultural context and continues Qingdao's story, accumulating rich cultural deposits of the city. Yuanzhong is adjacent to Zhongshan Road and is in the stage of restoration. As a place of cultural trend, liyuan culture will continue. The design will incorporate new creative features that echo the century-old view of the street with the memory of the city, promoting the logic and history of harmonious aesthetics.
From the perspective of urban renewal, the whole project considers how to create a sense of rhythm in the old city and provide romantic, dynamic and light rest space for young urbanites. Old buildings, difficult to transform the structural wall, how to meet the functional requirements of the shop in the limited space, show the overall space design creativity; How to maximize the reflection of the historic landscape into the interior space; How to create an urban perceptual space for young women on the main and guest floors; How to create a memorable and interesting memory space for tourists; The arch connects the facade with the top and the ground, not only from the exterior form, but also from the connotation of the aesthetic art into the whole building, to build an immersive experience of tea culture space.
Considering the structural safety of the existing old buildings to the greatest extent, the modern aesthetic art technique is used to revive and revive the century-old street. Through materials, colors and moving lines, the continuity of various Spaces is created, which contains and conveys an inclusive, open, connected, communicative and interesting space.
Through the existing mutual sharing of the wall design techniques, make the moving line clear, clear space and achieve the maximum communication of sight, open up all the hidden space.
Colorful rest space, hidden space personality is distinct, through the modeling, materials, color for a variety of young people to design a different sensibility, deduce a colorful space. Express individual character, quality, fresh feeling seems to become young people's new pursuit. With the expressive perceptual space as the background, customers can visit multiple times without being bored. Each time, they can try a new experience. The design of a variety of display facades, full of young and fashionable tonality.
Based on the warm orange color of the brand, the arch design with strong personality links the exterior andinterior, presenting an extremely simple aesthetic feeling between the virtual and the real. Modeling and color flexible integration, to create a modern fashion sensibility and fresh space experience.
Experience the change of space through the contrast of different materials and colors, and feel the emotion of space through the contrast of light and shadow.
The toilet is no longer used as a block space, but as a part of the open space, to create a soft and beautiful space full of rhythm.


2019 External Professor of International School of Architecture, Qingdao University of Technology
2016 Founded Qingdao Xinzhe Space Design
2012 Qingdao Tengyuan Design Office Chief Designer
2011 LA DRDS studio + K Korea Branch Team Leader
2011 Graduated in Architecture, Korea University
2009 Korea BSDesign Architect
Osan cultural center / 3rd Prize.
LH headquarters / Winner. Korea Western Power Headquarters / 3rd prize.
Suwon-city children center / 2nd prize.
Korea Hydro & Nuclear power accommodation / Winner.
2012 Qingdao Tengyuan Design Excellent New Employee Award.
2013 Qingdao Tengyuan Design Best Growth Award.
KNF Child care center / Winner.
2021 IDG International Space Design Award - Commercial Exhibition Space International Innovation Design Award.
2021 IDG International Space Design Award-Character Award Emerging Designer.
2021 French GPDP AWARD - International Innovation Design Award.
2021 Italy IIDA AWARD - International Innovation Design Award.

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