IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Zhejiang Minong Century Group Co., Ltd.

Project Description

The packaging of HUANGJINYE Tianxiang cigarette, with the design of "exquisite and high-end", uses the contour of tobacco (raw material) in lithography technology as the shading, making the overall packaging more layered and perfect.
Its brand name is presented with a slowly unfolding imperial decree, implying the high-end positioning and excellent quality of the product. The design team extracted an image of a golden leaf tobacco and embellished it with auspicious cloud texture, highlighting the high-end taste. The surrounding three-dimensional relief clouding rises up like the rich aroma exhaled by users when smoking, creating emotional communication with users. The waistline of the packaging is cleverly decorated with ripple, making the entire layout more artistic and meaningful.
Using holographic positioning aluminum ambulant paper, the design team matched the iconic elements, such as leaves, clouds, and ripples, with a three-dimensional structure, and used holographic lithography technology to etch it on the aluminum substrate of the paper base, presenting a dynamic and sparkling visual experience.
The surface of the paper is treated with a rough texture, which gives the packaging an excellent texture and complements the gorgeous gloss effect of the main element in lithography technology, highlighting the modern and fashionable appearance and exquisite and elegant feel of the entire packaging.

Zhejiang Minong Century Group Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Minong Century Group Co., Ltd. established in 1993,is currently the leading“Paper packaging total solution provider” in China. Its business covers 17 tobacco industry companies and renders the value-added services including brand planning, new product’s paper packaging design&development, and manufacturing. The group has the most complete cigarette packaging industry chain in the industry and is the largest single-factory cigarette packaging enterprise in China, also it was identified as the national printing demonstration enterprise, the national carton packaging and anti-counterfeit printing technology standardized experimental promotion base, Zhejiang high-tech enterprise and Zhejiang green enterprise.

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