IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Home Art Coating Packaging

by SKSHU Paint Co., Ltd.

Project Description

3TREES believes that art coating is not just a simple decorative material, but also a call to appreciate the spirit and soul of a quality life. Designed with the concept “Embrace the art coating for a better life”, this art coating packaging perfectly integrates elements of nature, art, and home, fully demonstrating the premium quality and artistic excellence of the brand.
Inspired by natural art and the design style of Piet Mondrian, the designer extracted images of leaves (symbolizing environmental protection), houses (representing a comfortable home), and water ripples (representing water-based raw materials). These images were then abstracted into geometric color blocks and simple lines, which were spliced, divided, and combined in clever ways. By manipulating the flow of lines, shades of colors, shapes, and comparison of light and shadow, the designer created a sense of rhythm and pattern on the packaging surface, effectively conveying the product’s selling points and leaving a lasting visual impression on customers. The diverse combination of abstract geometry also suggests that 3TREES is committed to exploring infinite possibilities of integrating life and art with rich texture and luxurious tones. As for the color of the packaging, it features 3TREES's brand color - green, which together with the visual elements conveys the corporate vision of“We Stand Staunchly for Sustainability and Strive for a Green World” and the brand concept of “Health, Naturalness, and Greenness.”
Furthermore, the R&D team and design team have taken into account the functionality of the coating packaging in transportation, storage, and use. In a bold departure from the traditional cylindrical barrel shape, the teams have innovatively adopted a rounded quadrilateral shape for the packaging design, which has increased the paint buckets’ capacity and effectively reduced the potential for damage from bumps or drops during transportation. Additionally, the top lid has been recessed to serve as a tray for painting, making the packaging not only a carrier for the art coating product but also an auxiliary tool for the painting process. This innovative design significantly enhances the convenience and operability of painting while achieving a perfect combination of design aesthetics with practical value.

SKSHU Paint Co., Ltd.

Since its founding in 2002, 3TREES has been committed to building healthy homes by providing an integrated one-stop system of green construction materials and services, including Interior & Exterior Wall Coatings, Waterproofing Products, Insulation Materials, Industrial Coatings, Floor Coatings, Home Decoration New Materials, Auxiliary Materials and Construction in the engineering field. In the retail field, 3TREES provides a better life solution of 7-in-1 products and immediate move-in services including Emulsion Paint, Art Coatings, Beautiful Countryside Coatings, Adhesives, Auxiliary Materials, Waterproof Coatings and Sci-Tech Decorative Board.

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