IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

BEGGI New Zealand essential oil aromatherapy

by Chongqing Tianyu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

Project Description

Containing pure natural essential oils, this product is a combination of an air purifier, natural mosquito repellent, fragrance diffuser and more. Its unique shape design and way of opening/closing make it portable, visually aesthetic and easy to use, effectively meeting the need for repelling mosquitoes or creating a nice ambience in different scenarios.
Unlike the traditional screw cap design, the product has an integrated cap and body design featuring a rotating and retractable structure, which saves time in opening or closing and prevents the loss of the cap. The inner structure is inspired by the shape of Roman columns, with a perfect proportion formed by the gentle cutting of multi-faceted angles that injects into the product the beauty of classical European architecture. The design fulfills users’ needs for aesthetics and personalization while enhancing the mosquito repelling ability. Compact and exquisite, the product can be easily carried around and used in various environments such as at homes or outdoors.
Made from natural plant oils, the main ingredient can help repel mosquitoes, freshen the air and soothe the mind. It is fragrant and harmless to mothers and babies. The product requires no electricity, no ignition, no spraying, and can be placed anywhere to slowly release essential oils and effectively repel mosquitoes, which fixes health and safety issues in traditional mosquito repellent products that rely on chemicals and electric heating to work. Coupled with a compact and portable size, it can be easily carried around and used at home or outdoors, meeting the need for repelling mosquitoes or creating a nice ambience in different scenarios.

Chongqing Tianyu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

Beggi Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a professional nasal care brand in New Zealand. Its headquarter was established in Auckland and the BEGGI Pharmaceutical Research Institute was established. Dr. John Taylor from Harvard University was invited as the chief scientist. Based on the rare New Zealand manuka honey, a series of pure plant products for nasal mucosa repair have been developed. Since the brand was founded, it has been favored by a large number of consumers due to its excellent curative effect and excellent quality. It has been exported to five continents around the world and is well-known in New Zealand. It has been sold in more than 5,000 clinics and pharmacies, and has been favored by New Zealand family doctors. Recommended, it has become a must-have for families, and it is a "national treasure" rhinitis brand that New Zealanders are proud of. Relying on the innovative patented technology independently developed, BEGGI Pharmaceuticals is committed to bringing pure natural products to everyone who suffers from rhinitis, and uses New Zealand's unique natural plants to care for people's health.

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