IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Encountering Jiangnan with slander

by Allan Wang

Project Description

The project mainly starts from two aspects: culture and aesthetics. Poetry expresses the landscapes and humanistic emotions of Jiangnan, and the millennium inheritance conveys the breadth and depth of Chinese culture to us, precipitating a unique Eastern Wumen aesthetic. Integrating contemporary aesthetics with Eastern Jiangnan culture, allowing design to break through external forms, return to spiritual culture, and experience the simplicity of fireworks in a poetic and picturesque environment.
The structure of this building is divided into two floors, with a pistol shaped spatial structure that combines with the surrounding environment. The designer imagines the interior as a traditional Soviet style garden, with hidden mountains and water, winding paths leading to seclusion, borrowing scenery to create paintings, and moving towards different landscapes.
The space forms twists and turns, endowing it with a dynamic beauty of Jiangnan, which is feasible, achievable, tourable, and livable.
Upon hearing the sound of water pine three hundred steps away, my dream follows the flowing water to the stream bridge. The entrance hall is like a garden, with dialogue unfolding in the hazy mist, poetry tinged in the stillness, listening to the sound of flowing water and smelling the faint fragrance of tea. The gentle beauty of flowing water, the ethereal mists of water, the vitality of moss, and the arrogance of pine trees all converge into a poetic and picturesque atmosphere of space. Rockeries, ancient pine trees, wrinkled stones, eaves pillars... The antique old artifacts shape the unique elegant charm of Jiangnan gardens.

Allan Wang

Graduated from the University of Queensland, Australia, with over 10 years of experience in the design industry. Focus on commercial space exploration and innovative design, serve customers all over the country, and cooperate deeply with many listed companies and international brands. The work has won awards such as North American PI, APDC, French Double-sided God, American Muse, Sydney Design, Bauhaus Modern Design, IAI, IWDA Office Innovation Design, and Outstanding Youth in Chinese (Jiangsu) Design. It has been published in multiple media outlets such as the Chinese version of the American Interior Design Network, LJ Design, Inchmaker, and Fashion Office.

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