IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award



Project Description

The warmth of wood allows residents to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city streets for some moments. A pure and simple design theme creates an elegant and unhurried view of everyday life. The living room and dining room are planned with an east-west orientation to enjoy dazzling rhythm of light and shadow between sunrise and moonset, adding the richness of sparsity and density, softness and rigidity, slowness and fastness in the field.
The bursting gray stone patterns unveil the entrance, and the flooring is also made of homogeneous materials to echo each other and stack rich layers. The bold stone textures on the wooden shoe cabinet implant a touch of stability and balance between dynamic and static. The natural dark stone builds a porch, which symbolizes the change of scenes, and gradually unwinds the mind and soul. As the wood flooring enters the public area, the wood tones lend a sense of serenity. Without partition walls, a light and airy space is created.
The study room has a panoramic track with a glass door to maximize the sense of space, linking the emotional interaction between family members and transforming the four seasons into a chronological scene. Meanwhile, visual tension is also extended by the flowing lines.
With a showcase as a vista view, the corridor leading to the private space can provide privacy to the bedroom. In the spacious bedroom, a TV wall is built as the center of traffic flow. A dressing area is located at the back to keep the flexibility of walking through the circular traffic flow. The space continues the tone of the public domain. White oak grains, along with light yellow lamps embedded in the light gray fabric headboard, exude a soothing sleeping vibe. With a titanium-plated metal as the base, the TV wall features a mellow dark brown color. Illuminated by natural lighting, the overlapping gradient colors give off a sense of low-key elegance.
In the private bathroom, the neutral grayscale color is the main axis. Its soft and soothing hues make the space refined and stable. Safe and environmentally friendly green building materials reduced health risks to people. Furniture pieces made from durable, recycled materials help the environment by reducing waste.


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