IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Hidden Garden

by Blandi Lau

Project Description

Comlecticism transcends the limitations of classicism and romanticism in architectural creation, arbitrarily chooses and imitates various architectural styles in history and freely combines various architectural forms, so it is known as "imitation". Although there is no fixed architectural style, but emphasize the proportion of balance, pay attention to pure formal beauty.
This space, it can be described as a "neutral" concept. Gathering modern wind, simple, American, Chinese and other elements, it appears cordial and interwoven, and to deduce a kind of "compromise" idealism.
A "Discount" to idealism. True luxury is your own way of life, an interesting soul that will not be changed by the outside world, a sense of ritual...

Blandi Lau

ZENIN DESIGN Director, design director

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