IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Yuppie Demeanor

by Yaqing Design Office Co., Ltd

Project Description

This work is an interior design plan specially created for Ivy. Xiangshui Bay in Zunyi, Guizhou. The use of design techniques breaks conventional thinking and is no longer limited to one space and one style. It combines dynamic and static spaces, and the special geometric shapes are properly integrated into the space layout.
In space planning, the geometric structure and wood grain material are used to weaken and deal with the disadvantages brought by the building structure. The plain color is embellished with wood grain, and the combination of geometric shapes harmoniously handles the structural drawbacks in the space. The warm color matching is integrated into the semi-open space, making the two spaces of static and dynamic connected with each other.
In addition, functional areas are divided according to the user's living habits to deepen communications among families.
The open kitchen and guest dining room are not limited to a small space. The open space can release your mental pressure to a greater extent and relieve your mood even when you are busy. The use of design techniques reflects the high integration of life and design. Users can also communicate with family members in their busy lives. This atmosphere has a subtle influence on the harmony of a family, making users' family companionship and communication closer, thus creating a warm and happy home environment.

Yaqing Design Office Co., Ltd

Yaqing Design Office is an independent space design office. The office was established in Shenzhen in 2018, and has been located in Zunyi, Guizhou since 2021. With high-level creative space design services across the country, it is a design service agency that provides clients with space solutions for decoration and furniture accessories, and undertakes indoor and outdoor space design, installation art design, soft decoration art design and other fields. The design team is composed of a group of independent designers from professional colleges and universities. The team members have won many international and Asia-Pacific design awards for their works, and all have mature project experience and case works. The project cooperation modes include: full-case design, non-full-case design, pure design, and deep customization of soft decoration. We adhere to the principle of "fulfilling the thoughts of each client through professional design". We provide one-stop services for clients through the service mode of personalized creative design, high-quality product matching and implementation, and professional team tracking throughout the whole process.

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