IDPA Japan Design Award


by Chengdu Huanranyixin Old Building Reconstruction & Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

Project Description

Yiyun is a cutting-edge product for interior design. The use of light, airy, and beautiful lines, as well as bright colours and fashion elements, decorates people's daily lives, adds personalization to spaces, and satisfies the requirements of the current minimalist home design concept. This adds a calm, pleasant atmosphere to the complicated lifestyle and gives users a clean, pleasant home environment.

Chengdu Huanranyixin Old Building Reconstruction & Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment, Chengdu Huanranyixin Old Building Reconstruction & Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. has been concentrating on research in information transmission, software and information technology service industries, making continuous progress, and improving its internal system. After continuous efforts, it has a harmonious working environment and a positive learning atmosphere. The company opens its doors to all those who are full of enthusiasm and dreams, and provides individuals with ample growth stage and development space. As a limited liability company, adhering to the R & D concept of innovation as the core and technology as the foundation, and is moving towards the goal of domestic top technology.

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