IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Hengli Suzhou Huanqi Center Sales Office

by Beijing Shangshui decoration design Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd

Projet Description

Hengli Group's global enterprise center in Taihu New Town, Wujiang, Suzhou, is the largest commercial plot in Wujiang in recent years. Mr. Gama, the founder and chief designer of BLD Sheung Shui Design Office, set the design for the project as "Planet-Rain of Light", injecting flowing rhythm into the space with smooth and concise lines. The ancient Greek Pythagoras thought: “The most beautiful of all plane graphics is the circle.” The project design uses a large number of circles, semicircles, and arc lines to create a smooth and smooth aesthetics.
Light Rain: The plan abandons the flashy decoration, multi-functional and harmonious transition and convergence, in the WYSIWYG scene, so that the main body of the industry will have the present elegance and hopeful future. The design concept originated from the elaboration of the relationship between space, aura and atmosphere, fully arranging light and shadow, and creating a visually intertwined and complete space system.
To Sincerity: "Only the extremely sincere person in the world can give full play to his nature". Mr. Gama has been deeply involved in the field of design for many years. He is good at integrating the understanding of corporate brand and business logic in project design, and uses the language of design to replace corporate brand to communicate with consumers.
Through the transition and connection of colors, materials, and landscapes, a complete space experience process is created, and walking through it is like being in a carefully crafted city life show.
Jane Rong: A modern writing intention is created with a completely modern technique, which brings the nobility, tranquility and imagery to the fullest in a space. Modern aesthetics and space functions are harmoniously blended to bring a comfortable space experience and show the style of modern commercial space.

Beijing Shangshui decoration design Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd
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