IDPA Japan Design Award

Chongqing Tongnan China SCE FunWorld Sales Center

by HIBER Interior Design

Projet Description

1. Core design concept:
Fantasy forest-listen to the whispers of nature; we combine the project with Chongqing Mountain City and listen to the breathing slang of natural mountains and rivers.
2. Space layout concept and characteristics: The space is relaxed and generous, the color is chosen to represent nature and vitality of olive green, and the dandelions scattered in the viewing passages seem to be street lights in the fantasy forest that lead people to further explore the mystery of the forest. The infinite mirror at the end of the aisle extends the entire space infinitely, making people feel like they are in a dense forest, not knowing whether the next step is reality or illusion. The strange little animals that suddenly appeared in the forest, each corner has a different fantasy adventure.
3. Design highlights:
The main body of the dandelion lights scattered in the aisle meanders. During the expedition, there will be magical animals appearing, creating a fantasy jungle.
4. The life concept expressed by the design:
The fast-paced life in a modern city makes people feel impetuous. We create a quiet fairy forest to relieve the impulsiveness and return the body and mind to nature. In order to reflect the mystery and unknown of the forest, the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, many plant-shaped lights (dandelion lights), moss, grass and some cute animals are used in the design process.

HIBER Interior Design

HIBER Design was established in Shanghai by Ms. Zhou Xuelian in 2013. Hiber in Chinese takes the design vision of "the soul of silk, the color of China" and the design concept of "where the home is, where the heart is", aiming to create a Quiet, peaceful and warm spiritual habitat. Allowing homes to live in poetry is Hiber Design's design philosophy and soul. After years of hard work, we have gathered a group of creative, active, rational and rigorous designers to provide top-level customized design services such as villas, model rooms, and clubs in the domestic real estate field. Professional services and exquisite design are in the industry. Also won a good reputation.

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