IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Jinjiang Zhengrong Mansion

by Shanghai Biyu environmental art design office

Projet Description

The design is inspired by "Southern Fujian architectural characteristics", and embarks on an artistic journey of exploring the past and present and looking forward to the future in the space. The magnificent southern Fujian homes are mainly distributed in Fujian, Xiamen, Zhang, Quan and other places. Southern Fujian architecture has absorbed the essence of Chinese traditional culture, Fujian-Vietnam culture and marine culture, and has become an important system of Southern Fujian culture. "Red brick and white stone, double slope curve, brick and stone are used to build a dovetail ridge, carved with beams and painted in the style of a palace." It is an image description of the characteristics of red brick buildings in southern Fujian. Absorb the architectural characteristics of southern Fujian, and use modern expression techniques to reflect the artistic conception of the hyperbolic slope and swallowtail ridge on the top of the ancient house in southern Fujian. The unique dark red wall of the ancient house is added to show the characteristics of southern Fujian architectural culture. The marble floor and reception countertop are matched with part of the red wall to create a new flavor in the mixture. The lighting in the front hall brings artistic flavor to the space. In terms of visual effects, it is amazing.

Shanghai Biyu environmental art design office


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