IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Guizhou revitalization famous goods display center

by Fujian Siwei Lianzhan Decoration Design Engineering Co. Ltd.

Projet Description

This case is used as an aesthetics museum to promote the "Qianhuo Mountain", interspersed with space composition, combined with the breath of mountain scenery as the source of inspiration.
The front hall is the cultural image exhibition area of the company, and what catches the eye is the square front desk area and the corporate image, intercepting the color elements of the space. A large area of pure white blocks are spliced with a log-colored background wall, and the combination of the two colors creates a simple and ecological environment.
The front desk of the log department conforms to the popular style of the current business exchange place. It dissolves in the modern space, not only does not reveal the incompatible sense of rigidity, but adds a natural and simple bright color to the front desk. The wooden texture is not carved but detached, creating an indifferent mood of returning to nature.
In the multimedia display area, the giraffe sculpture is part of the decoration. The curved neck probe is turned to the side of the screen, which is to direct people's eyes to the screen. At the same time, it also adds a sense of fun to the space.
The visual design effect is not only the three-dimensional material bricks presented on the exhibition boards, but also the arc-shaped block buildings that are critical to the packaging material display area and the custom wine display area. They stretched all the way to the center of the exhibition area in a meandering manner. They take the center as the central axis point, and the two curves are interspersed and merged, and the two separate products are divided into areas, so that the seemingly integrated space can be turned into separate and separate classification areas.

Fujian Siwei Lianzhan Decoration Design Engineering Co. Ltd.
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