IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Shenyang Changbai Vientiane Hui queen yard store

by Dalian Shengrong Decoration Design Co., Ltd

Projet Description

The creative inspiration of this project comes from the popular Jia Xiaoou-the "White Fairy Tale" art sculpture also appeared in QUEENYARD, and every customer who came to the store loved it. No matter what season or time, come to QUEENYARD to sit down, and you will find surprising changes.
The environment is as nice as always. Just looking at the color scheme, it is completely poked-the soft and indulgent rubber powder, just one glance, it makes people want to melt it. Warm and eye-catching turmeric, independent and frank. Light and quiet mint green, pleasant and comfortable from head to toe. The multi-functional massage chair has been introduced with a lot of money, and the artificial hand kneading will give you relaxation. The mermaid-colored foot pond is simply beautiful!
The design is reasonable and practical in the overall layout. In order to maintain the greatest possible privacy and comfort, the QUEENYARD nail area only provides a limited service for 5 guests at a time. The pedicure area uses multifunctional massage chairs and mermaid-colored foot pools to satisfy customers with sufficient comfort and enjoyment. In the interior decoration, the most fashionable colors and exquisite soft fittings are used to achieve the unique spatial effect of QUEENYARD. The color of each store is the same as our nail products, using the most fashionable color matching, which fully reflects that in QUEENYARD, color is style.

Dalian Shengrong Decoration Design Co., Ltd
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