IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Qi Sheng

Projet Description

The birth of a teahouse must be accompanied by the owner's expectation of space, and also with the designer's understanding of life, conveying the designer's understanding and definition of "design". In this case, the owner gives a high degree of trust. On the premise of meeting the functional requirements, the designer gives full play to his creativity and introduces the natural waterscape and dry landscape into the tea room, so that the tea culture and the environment can be organically integrated. The first feeling of people entering shiguxiang is that they are shocked by the wonderful landscape of nature, and then they can have a sense of stability and give people a refreshing natural flavor.
Designers use their own design language and design rhetoric to convey to people their attitude and position towards life and beauty, content and form, which is like mumbling to themselves, or telling their attitude towards tea. The designer pushed the original facade inside, overturned the thick thickness of the traditional Chinese tea room, but incorporated the interior landscaping into it, and used slate, bamboo, trees, water, dry landscape and other elements to seek "essence" in "simplicity", achieving the poetic state of harmony between man and nature. Every plant, every cup, is relaxed and tolerant, bearing the structural characteristics of the space itself, reflecting the unique spiritual temperament.

Qi Sheng
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