IDPA Japan Design Award

Guanhu County, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province

by Sun Xinqu

Projet Description

Standing in the corner of the living room, the transparency of the entire space is clearly visible, and the large area of log walls and floors give the space a sense of naturalness.
The restaurant adopts an open kitchen, which opens up the "communication" between the dining table and the kitchen. The design of the bar makes the space more full, and the three or two cups in the spare time are very pleasant.
Although the space is small, the reasonable design still divides the area where dry and wet are separated, and the design of the washstand ensures that the function of the space does not occupy too much position.
The height of the space makes it difficult to fill the brightness of the light, breaking the original steps, and hiding the light strip by the gap that flows out between the steps, ensuring that the light is sufficient and making the modern sense of the space stronger.
The minimalist design is gorgeous and practical, extending the wall as a built-in wardrobe and leaving one as a decorative cabinet. The indoor vanity is designed to facilitate movement during cleaning.
The bathtub is set up in the corner to make full use of the extra space in the corner. The ceiling draws a hollow layer, and the hidden strips of lamps make up for the lighting intensity. The unique dresser design allows you to do your skincare work without extra movement after washing.
The cabinet and table are suspended, and do not occupy other spaces to ensure the function of the space. The bay window was changed to tatami mats, which are beautiful and more practical at the same time.
The tea room adopts the new Chinese style, and the wooden table and wooden bench wood floor are more elegant. An ancient chandelier enhances the atmosphere when drinking tea.

Sun Xinqu

Member of China Architectural Decoration Association IFI
Vice president of Fuzhou Interior Designer Association
Member of Fujian Decoration Association
Name: Sun Xinqu
Working time: 2004-2022
Title: Dayue international design agency (General Manager / chief designer)
Good at style: new Chinese style, modern and simple, Hong Kong-style light luxury...... Design concept: set no interval type

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