IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

COFFEEOLOGY Coffee Shop in Huacheng Square

by Timetable Design

Projet Description

This project is a coffee shop named COFFEEOLOGY, it is located in Huacheng Square in Guangzhou CBD Central Park. The project area is about 152 square meters. From the space design to the furniture layout, all the designs are based on the concept of nature, simplicity and humanism. The design echoes the concept of COFFEEOLOGY, and creates an immersive scene for customers.
The ingenious space design is reflected from the entrance. The entrance stairs are made of natural marble, instead of traditional handrail stairs, the designers use frameless glass as the handrail, which echos with the glass door, so that the whole space is connected with the outdoor street view. People are attracted by the transparent glass windows, and take the steps up into the coffee shop.
Door handles are inlaid with pebbles to sense the collision between the temperature of nature and the modern atmosphere.
After being sliced, recombined and polished, a whole piece of natural stone was handmade to be the coffee table, it has become the most rigid and dazzling object in the shop. It not only satisfy people’s curiosity, but also redefine the ratio between comfort and sensibility in the coffee shop.
The coffee tables in the public resting area are cutting from aluminum plates, customers sit side by side on simple sliced wooden benches to enjoy coffee, and the movable setting of the sliced wooden stools allow customers to talk with each other freely.
The suspension and slice collage can deduce the weight of the wood texture on all sides, so the coffee shop looks lighter and more natural. While increasing the space experience for coming guests, the furniture decoration also becomes more interesting.

Timetable Design

Timetable Design was founded by a group of young designers born in the 1990s. With professional qualifications in architectural design, interior and exterior design, interior decoration drawing design, etc. The team focuses on the renovation of urban old buildings and the design of comprehensive commercial spaces , has an international vision, and a deep insight and understanding of customer needs. We take their companies’ culture as our design inspiration and inject them into office space designs to provide customers with unique innovative design solutions. In the context of urban renewal, Timetable Design takes the exploration of the infinite possibilities of new urban spaces as the starting point, and reconstructs the space to satisfy young people's imagination of characteristic business, creative office, and quality life. Timetable Design is committed to becoming a top and innovative design research center in the Greater Bay Area, connecting young people with unique and innovative designs, combining local architectural features and historical culture to create each unique design and create city cultural business cards.

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