IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Shanghai Zhonghai Yuelu Mountain villa

by Tianjin PUREFAN Interior Design Co., LTD

Projet Description

Residential design gives good perception of life, the space is given priority to with modern framework, emphasis on light blend, pure and simple but elegant, blend in contemporary art aesthetics and refined the design of the tone, local combined with natural wood and the line of restoring ancient ways, fusion of modern personality soft furnishings, let time collision and dialogue, marks formed with space order, space of the whole atmosphere more emphasis on comfortable, elegant, Exquisite space mood, restore ancient ways of the technique of trace element is used to adorn to express, but more fitted, in space, the use of building block penetration and growth curve design technique, to solve the several disadvantages of the space, transfar into space is an integral part of design of the function find scale in compact layout, find order in function stable (axis), Reshape different functions in a harmonious space to create an open living aesthetic house in line with the owner's life mood, and enjoy the slow time with family quietly.

Tianjin PUREFAN Interior Design Co., LTD

PUREFAN Space Aesthetics, founded by renowned interior designer Ms. Han Liangtong, has a number of high-quality top interior design groups, focusing on high-end private homes, sales offices, model rooms, commercial space, new mirror design in the field of space aesthetics, service for urban elite class, high-end project case customization. It is committed to creating unique private residential space for the elite and creating value for life.
We adhere to the design concept of innovation, uniqueness and non-repetition, focusing on the customization of each project, we constantly refresh our expectations and always look for the next challenge.

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