IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Guang Pu

by Li Xufang

Project Description

Not fixated on tedious elements
Not demanding too much decoration
nterpret the composition relationship of space through concise lines and overlapping blocks
The Interpretation of Ink in Light and Shadow in Landscape Architecture
Time and space interweave here, mottled light and shadow flow here, time goes back.
Beauty is not an instant glow, but a calm afterglow. When we pause and discover the beautiful figure, we touch eternity in an instant.
Time flows, space changes black and white, darkness and light
Cold and Warm
It's all about life
Light and shadow entwined
Romance first
Frame by frame in one scene Encounter the tranquility and tranquility of solitude
Abandoning complexity Tracing back to the origin Reshaping the relationship between humans and space
To be extremely meticulous in every aspect
Enjoy freedom and satisfaction alone
Project Name: Dongchen Xiangrui Shi jing tu
Project Type : Interior Design (Home decoration)
Designer: Shanxi Moke Space Building Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd
Contact email:
Project design: 2021.9
Design team: Li Xufang (main case),Li Shaoyu, Wu Jingping
Soft decoration design: Cui Yufeng
Project address: Taiyuan, Shanxi
Project Area: 360㎡

Li Xufang

Li Xufang, designer, 1989. In 2018, I established my own independent studio, Moke Space Design, which includes villas, hotels, floors, VIs, clubs, and more. The design style is modern. Analyze from multiple aspects such as space, dynamics, and culture, and integrate them throughout the entire design scheme.

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