IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Pure Shine

by ASD Interior Design CO.,LTD

Project Description

Situated in an excellent location, this abode boasts a stunning view, with an open layout that welcomes abundant natural light. The home feels like a luxury and grand hotel by incorporating wood, stone, and mirrors. In the transparent space, the structural beams on the canopy and wood accents delineate the living room, dining room, and study room. Flexible sliding glass doors maintain the privacy of the study room, creating a balanced spatial configuration.
By continuing to use latte color in the entryway, the main view radiates simple and warm vibes. Meanwhile, the hidden door can offset the fragmentation of the layout and create a sense of simplicity. The niche in the middle of the TV wall offers an ideal viewing distance. The wall features a combination of grille and marble, while the brass mirrors on two sides bring a sense of independence to the main wall. The seemingly mismatched front and end make the TV wall stand out. However, the coordinated and compatible color palettes give a sense of continuity and reveal a subtle layer that enhances the beauty of the detailed decor.
The inlays of the kitchen island and dining table create a smooth, circular traffic flow. The interior design can be elevated with stunning ripple patterns on the kitchen island, adding visual intrigue and captivating ambiance. The sideboards feature an ink color base. The wainscoting wall panels are incorporated with luxurious stone materials, which create a bar-like atmosphere under the light.
Unlike the subdued public area, the bedroom features an airy and light color palette to create a soothing atmosphere for restful sleep. The white stone patterns and simple lines bring a sense of coziness to the entire room.

ASD Interior Design CO.,LTD

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