IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Tangquan Spa Life Club

by Zichao Chen

Project Description

Tailored for No. 1 Tangquan Spa Club in Guangzhou Tianhe CBD, this project, taking “water and nature” as the design theme, creates a relaxing, refreshing spa environment, aiming to offer clients a haven from their busy lives.
With more attention paid to physical and mental health, spa clubs that integrates leisure, health and rehabilitation have gradually won people’s favor. Adhering to the design concept of “back to nature, close to water”, this project ingeniously utilizes modern design techniques to harmoniously blend gentle, dynamic water with natural elements, creating a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. The spa area is divided into multiple functional zones including swimming pools, sauna rooms, bathing pools, with each one incorporating various water features such as flowing water, waterfalls and fountains. Its combination with green plants and natural stone strikes a perfect balance between modern design and natural landscape.
The spacious and bright entrance styled in a simple manner, paired with soft light, provides a warm, comfortable reception area for clients. The spa area adopts diverse lighting designs to ensure rich, varied visual effects for water while satisfying the demand for illumination, which not only gives a sense of visual layering, but also highlights the gentleness and dynamism of water.
This project also prioritizes sustainability. It meticulously selects materials like natural stone, eco-friendly coatings, etc., aligning well with the modern idea of environmental protection; its energy-saving lighting system and water recycling system significantly reduce energy and resource consumption, further practicing ESG principles. Moreover, the subtly designed ventilation and air purification system ensures a fresh and healthy indoor environment at all time.

Zichao Chen

Since he was engaged in the design industry, Zichao Chen has been adhering to the design concept of tacit agreement with customers and focused on commercial space for 15 years. With his own profound design accumulation, and with a keen and diversified artistic sense and a broad international perspective, he has deeply explored the connotation of culture and life, and endowed the design with the personality and soul of the space with an open and perceptual approach Design art and space emotion and rationality pay attention to creative practice, study the function relationship and solution between planning space design and management, adhere to practical economic aesthetics as the leading, and create added value for the project as the core.

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