IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Farglory Baifu-Big Dream Reunion

by Role PlacePai Hsun Yeh

Project Description

The advancement of technology brings a busy pace, leading to a life constantly on the move around the world. "The meaning of my travels is to return home." After exploring deeply and traveling extensively, the memories are brought back home to be cherished. Souvenirs from around the world also represent dreams, foresight, and warmth, hoping to gather with family and share every emotional moment hidden in the corners of the world.
Rectangular elements are pieced together in various forms, with a display cabinet outlining the image of a world map, as if looking at a blueprint of the world and planning the next journey. The foreground lighting effects and golden metal frame embellishments elevate the value of the collected souvenirs, combined with light-colored stone-patterned walls that exude the simplicity of nature, creating an elegant and exquisite atmosphere. Behind the display wall lies ample storage space, with a magical visual transforming the traditional multifunctional cabinet into a multifunctional wall, creating more storage for numerous treasures from around the world. Despite the numerous obstacles of the pandemic, even if one cannot step out to explore the world, staying at home surrounded by the beauty of travel still holds the anticipation of being fully prepared for the next journey

Role PlacePai Hsun Yeh

If your identity is a costume, then where you live is your stage. In the past 10 years, we have shuttled in Taiwan's performing arts field, integrating the space foundation with culture and art, and creating environments with various characteristics and styles to embellish the unique life background of the characters. As performers, we play various roles and think about the lifestyles brought about by different genders, statuses, occupations and growth backgrounds. We use this experience to design the space and tell the amazing stories.
Design Director-Pai Hsun Yeh :
Graduated from the Department of Interior Design at Chung Yuan Christian University, with nearly 20 years of experience in architecture, interior design, and project management. Has traveled and designed international interior design and project management projects. The mature design skills and project management experience showcase a delicate touch and embody the representative value of Taiwanese works.
1. Served as Engineering Manager at Shiatzy Chen Fashion Co., Ltd., starting in 2021, responsible for project management of the new headquarters construction and luxury store renovation management.
2. Served as Interior Design Specialist at ASUS Computer Inc. for 6 years, managing interior design projects for the public areas of the new ASUS headquarters, transforming the new headquarters into a "Global Ideal Working Environment" and achieving the accolade of fourth best in the world.
May 2024 - Awarded at the 2024 Taiwan International Architecture, Building Materials, and Kitchen Space Design Exhibition "2024 Classic Interior Design Awards" April 2024 - Interviewed by Business Today magazine - "Young Design" September 2023 - Invited to exhibit at the London Design Fair.

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