IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Sculpted Serenity

by Mo. Tsai, David C. Chen

Project Description

"Sculpted Serenity," an artistic haven where modern lines, exquisite materials, and grandular curves converge to create a living space of unparalleled elegance and tranquility. This residential masterpiece seamlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with a touch of timeless artistry, encapsulating a serene and sophisticated atmosphere.
Design Concept:
The concept behind "Sculpted Serenity" is to craft an environment that evokes a sense of calm and refinement through the harmonious integration of sleek geometry and organic forms. The interplay of straight lines and curved elements creates a dynamic visual flow, while a simple color palette ensures a cohesive and serene ambiance.
Color Palette:
The color palette for this living space is deliberately understated, focusing on neutral tones that exude calm and sophistication. Shades of soft white, warm beige, and cool gray dominate the space, accented by subtle touches of muted metallics and natural wood. This restrained palette allows the architectural elements and artistic features to take center stage.
Materials and Textures:
Marble and Stone: Luxurious marble surfaces and textured stone accents provide a tactile richness, grounding the space with a sense of permanence and elegance.
Glass and Metal:
Sleek glass elements and polished metal fixtures introduce a modern touch, reflecting light and adding a sense of openness. Natural Wood:
Carefully selected wood finishes bring warmth and organic beauty, balancing the coolness of stone and metal with their earthy tones and textures. Plush Fabrics:
Soft, plush fabrics in neutral hues offer comfort and a touch of coziness, inviting relaxation and repose. Architectural Features:
Geometric Forms:Clean, straight lines are juxtaposed with grandular curves, creating a visually stimulating yet harmonious environment. This interplay is seen in custom-designed furniture, built-in shelving units, and architectural details.
Sculptural Elements: Artistic sculptures and bespoke installations serve as focal points, adding depth and charact

Mo. Tsai, David C. Chen

Mo. Tsai, David C. Chen

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