IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Silent whispers


Project Description

The warm earthy tones along with the rustic handmade paints weave a calm and serene color palette. The abode is like an urban oasis. Walking into the abode feels like stepping into an urban oasis, where the harmonious natural textures reveal a comfortable living environment. Without overly complicated decorative materials, simple and sleek lines outline the framework, while subtle light sources illuminate the boundary between light and shadow, adding gradient layers.
Gray stone tiles on the floor bring a sense of stability to create a warm and welcoming home. The earthy tones on both sides set the theme for the space. The disorderly textures are fine and airy. Sheer curtains look like soft and dreamy clouds float peacefully in the sky, eliminating a sense of heaviness brought by the cabinets. The display pattern of the niche makes the display wall look firm and solid. Without mixing and matching materials, the design maintains the purity of the space.
The continuous cabinets connect seamlessly to the main TV wall through curved transitions. The painted facade creates an unpretentious look, blurring the boundaries between areas, achieving a sense of spaciousness, and creating harmony and coherence within a space. Soft, warm earthy tones envelop the bedroom in a cozy atmosphere. The oppressive short beam is instantly offset by the curved elements. A cheerful rhythm is injected into the tranquil space.


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