IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Eight Thousand Islands – Room type 160m²

by CAC Design-Hangzhou Classic Design Co., Ltd.

Project Description

The design of this project leans towards a modern French style, with the entire interior space set in a light beige palette. Dark wood paneling and stone elements are used to add depth, while curvaceous furniture pieces dominate, establishing a soft and elegant ambiance. Simple plaster mouldings on the walls create rhythm and harmony, complemented by selective metallic accents, which convey a refined lifestyle.
The space originally exudes a cold, luxurious elegance. However, the addition of high-saturation colors enhances the representation of a young family’s vibrant life and their pursuit of happiness, using color to express emotions. This luxurious and elegant design approach offers clients a residential space that is both stylish and classic, allowing them to appreciate its aesthetic charm while experiencing its practicality firsthand.

CAC Design-Hangzhou Classic Design Co., Ltd.

CAC Design-Hangzhou Classic Design Co.,Ltd, founded by Mr.Franco Chen, is a cross-disciplinary collaboration with renowned domestic and international architects, interior designers, and artists. It consists of four main business sectors: interior space planning, artistic furnishing, art development, and lifestyle services. Embracing the aesthetic philosophy of "Design Achieving Artistic Living," CAC Design creates a unique design language called "Jingdian Oriental," providing design and artistic support for commercial real estate, hotels, clubs, and high-end residences.
With over a decade of design experience and a team of over a hundred professionals, CAC Design is committed to creating a more meaningful aesthetic lifestyle, fostering limitless imagination in research and development, and elevating experiences from multiple perspectives. By reinterpreting the beauty of Oriental culture through a contemporary minimalist spirit, culture and art will become the most crucial part of future "life solutions." CAC Design has established long-term partnerships with renowned large-scale real estate enterprises such as Greenland Group, Blue City Holdings, China Overseas Property, Vanke, Goldenland Group, China Resources Land, Longfor Properties, and Sunac China. Additionally, we also serve owners of high-end residences and clubs in China.
As a platform that transcends traditional boundaries, CAC Design brings together returning directors from the United States, France, the Netherlands, Japan, and other countries. Our aim is to reconstruct, connect, and jointly build a better design cooperative platform, involving more talented individuals in the process of creating and growing together. We are constantly engaged in new cross-disciplinary experiments, analyzing and capturing the latest market trends and demands. By combining market attractiveness with our brand's research and development capabilities, we reshape values and establish more precise and lasting connections with the new market audience.

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