IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Dahua Group Honour Mansion, Guangzhou

by Shanghai JUND Architects Co., Ltd

Projet Description

Zengcheng is home to beautiful trees and vines. The branches are swaying with the wind, and the beauty is uneven. Zhucun, Dongguan Expressway and Guangshan Highway run through it. In the future, it will become an area with great potential, with superior geographical location, convenient transportation, complete supporting facilities and rich cultural heritage, which will be integrated and penetrated with the surrounding environment.
As the famous hometown of lychees in the country, the deepest feelings are the rural stories and cultural context, and the emotion and temperament penetrate deeply into the personality and soul of Lingnan people. The product types of Dahuadong County are benchmarked against young customers and are the main products of the Little Sun Family's first home purchase. From supporting facilities to apartment design, they strive to create an ideal small life for ordinary people. We take "Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon", which is familiar to Lingnan people as the theme of landscape design.
The detailed building materials in the square are made of perforated aluminum panels, which have various artistic shapes and form a translucent interface with the interior of the building. The bottom of the mirrored pool made of granite and sprinkled schist is ingenious. The curved pavement ground and the landscape concept of "chasing the cloud" in the design have become a consistent landscape symbol echoing, injecting a sense of theme design.
Yingyue Square, located in the atrium of the scenic spot, is in three states, and the tranquility and the beauty are very different. The atrium scenic area is an excellent place that people must pass through. The shadow of the golden osmanthus arbor reflected on the black gravel is unique, and the crescent-shaped sculpture in the center looks like a silver ring when the sky is bright. They complement the clear pool, and the design is full of style. In the evening, the light of the building becomes softer, like a crescent moon standing in the world, highlighting the novel and unique design concept.

Shanghai JUND Architects Co., Ltd


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