IDPA Japan Design Award

BERKER Exhibition Hall

by Gao Jinfeng

Projet Description

The entrance to the Boke intelligent exhibition hall is like a small art gallery. A plain, simple shadow wall, builds an inner push entrance, so that the distance between people and the exhibition hall is invisible. The door is hidden, also around the shadow wall, the induction door silently slide open, just like getting into the painting’s atmosphere immediately. A dark corridor connected by the atrium, still standing a real landscape.Stone when the peak, shallow water deep quiet, on the circumference of the lamp like the moon sprinkled, bathed in one of the big stone like a piece of art guard. Suddenly, there is smoke as the mountain haze, curling stone mountain.Then the music picks up, it moves around the whole space, making the artistic conception more ethereal. Deep into the scene, there is a thin rock as a "mountain", two "mountains" face each other across the water,they’re intended to be between far and near, to create a untrimmed visual effect.
Once a person place him or herself in the exhibition hall, only a glance, it was this "landscape" anchored heart soul, far away thinking. Think of the ancients said that "the closed door is the deep mountains". And this is what the exhibition hall designer Lao Gao wants to achieve-- the "immersive" viewing effect.
How to let people quickly return to the silence of the daily life?How to make people forget the troubles of the present time and put all their attention to the present scene?
Lao Gao said, " The best way is to put an ordinary thing in an extraordinary place."So he left the best location of the whole smart exhibition hall to a stone that can be seen everywhere among the mountains. But "this stone" is not "that stone", after the design, cut, polished, and then through the lighting and smoke rendering, this stone is just like a work of art. Particularly, the cut section presents a simple texture, with a silent sense of power, making people think of the ancient and eternal, and will be brought into the spirit of the place naturally.
What the design can reach is, not the appearance we see in our eyes, but the world after the appearance, including the charm and vitality that forms the material world. Lao Gao has created a wonderful place in this intelligent exhibition hall with the most ordinary stones in the mountains.

Gao Jinfeng

Liubai Interior Design Co., Ltd., founded by Gao Jinfeng, is a diversified architectural and interior design company based in Ningbo, China. Liubai Design provides international architecture, interior, soft decoration, graphic and product design services. Headquartered in Building 19, Yuyao Far East Summit, Ningbo City. Rooted in Ningbo area for nearly ten years, with high-quality design and Singapore-style butler service, it has won unanimous recognition from high-end customers.

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