IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Baptiste Bohu

Project Description

We have designed the "Linshe" boutique hotel series on Chongming Island, and this rural cottage is one of them. The client hopes that I can transform the original residential area into a rural villa that can be shared by all my family or friends. The original building is somewhat old, but it is situated in an idyllic beauty, surrounded by lush greenery and winding streams, with weeping willows swaying in the wind everywhere. It reminds me of Claude Monet's Giverny Garden. Monet settled in the Giovanni Gardens on the outskirts of Paris in 1883. He tirelessly transformed the abandoned estate into a home full of flowers, which also became a source of inspiration for many of the painter's masterpieces.
The most obvious feature of French rural housing is its comfort and livability, revealing an unintentional luxury. The facade of the house is made of stone or brick, which appears casual and unique compared to the complex decoration of classic French architecture. The tall rectangular french window is also a typical element of rural housing, which strengthens the symmetry of the building and makes it more tall visually.
We have chosen calm blue and mossy green in the living room to interpret natural finishes and soft tones. Through our meticulous design, nature perfectly echoes the interior. Beautiful fabrics and patterns are also iconic elements of French rural style, while leather seats, velvet sofas, and various collectibles in the room all allow us to find relaxation and balance in our busy daily lives. The soft colors and exquisite texture texture create a perfect "immersive" holiday experience.
The dining room and kitchen present an open layout, with seamless interaction between the two spaces, making them a perfect space for family leisure and entertainment. The combination of tall and sloping roofs, brick walls, exposed wooden beams, and white wood veneer on the walls also embodies the French rural style. The modern style dining chairs stand in stark contrast to the dark wooden dining table. I never mind mixing and matching different eras and styles, as they make the feeling of home more authentic.
The open kitchen is connected to a casual dining space, and opening the door leads to the garden. It is worth mentioning that I have chosen dark red retro floor tiles, which will become more textured over time. This rust colored brick is warm and simple, creating a sense of tranquility for the space.
The four bedrooms adopt a modern rural style, providing an elegant stage for leisure life. The hanging curtains, exciting wallpaper, and natural paint all reflect the beauty of French style. You will also find various simple and modern lines that make people feel low-key luxury and elegance. At the same time, I have added patterns and rich textures to these spaces to enhance temperature and texture. The overall space effect is friendly and casual, attracting family and friends to gather here.
The style of each bathroom is different, not limited to a certain era or style, but mixed with modern and retro elements. In the largest bathroom, I used three dark wooden cabinets as the visual focus, while the simple and modern white subway bricks and cement tiles gave the space a sense of freshness.
The main bathroom presents a more retro style, with arched arches, classic brick patterns, and nostalgic decorations, creating a classic and warm feeling, all of which are elements lacking in modern bathrooms.
Outdoor activities are an important component of rural life in Chongming, where people carefully manage their gardens and enjoy the scenery changes of the four seasons. The garden and swimming pool are full of pastoral charm, and people can appreciate the shapes, colors, and aromas of plants and flowers from different perspectives. These elements are woven into beautiful scenery while also possessing practical functions. When dusk falls, people mobilize all their senses to interact with nature. Snuggle up by the campfire, drink a vanilla flavored cocktail, and enjoy the simple life of a rural villa in a slightly tipsy state.

Baptiste Bohu

Baptiste Bohu is a French Interior and product designer. Baptiste Bohu runs a multi award design studio specialized in luxury residences, boutique resorts, and Hospitality projects. The studio has an unique approach to design with fully tailored interiors from structure to furnishing and decoration that serves an A-list clientele.
Baptiste Bohu created his own lifestyle collection of furniture, lighting, and home accessories.
Baptiste finds inspiration in various eras and his favorite are 18th century France, Art Deco, and the colonial era.
The studio works on Project worldwide and has received from AD magazine the distinction of top 100 designers, and Best Residential interior by Residence Magazine. All the projects have been published in global top design and lifestyle media such as Elle Decor, AD, or the New York Times.

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