IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

3D Mount Everest White Goose Down Quilt

by Shanghai Shuixing Home Textiles Co., Ltd.

Project Description

This is an industry-leading goose down quilt. It is made from high-quality white goose down, offering a soft and gentle touch for a healthy and comfortable sleep experience. The design takes into consideration ergonomics, catering to the different warmth and moisture-wicking needs of the human body. It achieves optimal fluffiness, softness, and moisture permeability while controlling the temperature of different body parts, ensuring the highest quality of the quilt and a perfect sleeping experience for users.
The comforter is filled with 100% white goose down sourced from the Changbai Mountains in China, a high-quality and pristine ecological region. The white goose down produced here has large and plump clusters, offering high-quality fluffiness and excellent warmth. It also possesses superior moisture absorption and sweat-wicking properties. With such white goose down filling, the quilt provides a drier and more comfortable sleeping environment, while maintaining better loftiness. Overall, it creates a lightweight and cloud-like feel, aiming to deliver an exceptional user experience.
To cater to the diverse sleep needs of different individuals, this product utilizes an AB fabric design with different textures, providing users with a unique sleep experience. The A fabric employs 100S cotton reactive printing fabric, which is environmentally friendly, harmless, and highly breathable, ensuring a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment. Furthermore, both A and B fabric feature anti-feather technology, eliminating the need for an inner lining and making the comforter lighter in weight and noise-free.
The design team has implemented special treatment in the stitching process by incorporating a 3D latitude and longitude human ergonomics heat storage zoning insulation technology. This design ensures a closer fit to the human body and enhanced warmth. It allows consumers to better regulate their body temperature, providing comfortable warmth and moisture permeability to different areas of the body, thereby improving sleep quality.
The aesthetic design was inspired by the snow-covered glaciers, embracing the spirit of exploration and challenge as its core design concept. It breaks away from traditional artistic concepts and aims to reconstruct them. By analyzing the natural forms of different snow-capped mountains and incorporating rhythmic patterns, the designer reproduces the most intuitive and repetitive beauty of the mountain shapes. This design also seeks to explore the relationship between humans and nature, striving to find a balance between the two.
The design is centered around environmental sustainability, taking into full consideration the principles of sustainable development. 90% of the materials in the product are sustainable, aiming to minimize environmental impact to the greatest extent possible. The design team hopes to integrate environmental consciousness into the daily lives of consumers, guiding them to explore nature and gradually cultivate an environmental awareness. This effort contributes to a world that is scientific and healthy and living coexist harmoniously with nature.

Shanghai Shuixing Home Textiles Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Shuixing Home Textiles Co., Ltd. is an important founder of China's modern home textile industry. After more than ten years of development, it has quickly become a professional and multi brand enterprise that integrates research and development, design, production, and sales, focusing on the household textile industry. The company's production, sales, channel scale, and comprehensive strength rank among the top three in the industry. Mercury Home Textile has a leading online and offline three-dimensional sales network in the industry, with physical terminals covering 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the central government in mainland China. It has formed a large-scale sales network mainly consisting of distributors, direct sales, and e-commerce sales channels, supplemented by international trade, television shopping, and group buying, with diverse forms, wide consumer coverage, and large growth space.

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