IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Design of the office headquarters of 3PEAK


Project Description

The project base is located in plot H05-B 01 of Top Scientist Community in Lingang New Area, Shanghai. It is adjacent to Huanhu 3rd Road in the north, EW 1st Road in the south, NS 10th Road in the west, and NS 3rd Road in the east. The north side is adjacent to the urban green belt and Chunlian River Landscape Park, the east is adjacent to the waterfront landscape of Chenghe Port, and the west and south sides focus on creating a street atmosphere with a sense of technological community. Each boundary is highlighted and the atmosphere is clear and orderly. The base is square, with a maximum width of 300m in the north-south direction, a narrowest width of 220m, and an average of 330m in the east-west direction, with a site area of 17,529㎡.
As a key high-tech enterprise project in Lingang with chip design and simulation as its main business, the headquarters office of 3peak includes 2 floors underground, 11 floors above ground, and a height of 60 meters, of which the above ground area is 52,520 square meters. Its main functions are semiconductor research and development offices and chip equipment laboratories, and its auxiliary functions are mainly restaurants, lecture halls, and gymnasiums. Its headquarters office building integrates multiple functions such as "scientific research, development, experimentation, office, and service", providing employees and visitors with a people-oriented and comfortable space.
The architectural design uses "uneven enclosure" to echo the image of the city's waterfront, and the functional layout presents a "homocentric squares" circular layout. The northwest corner is the highest point of 60M, and the height gradually decreases to the southeast corner to the lowest point of 10.5M. The facade design further strengthens the clear and grand image of science and technology through small-scale metal grids, and enhances the intimacy of the courtyard through the warm texture of stone. Through the action of softening the boundary, the upright and introverted warmth is realized. The building is like Noah's Ark docked by the river, exuding a sense of technological tolerance and sailing towards the future.


Huajian Group East China Architectural Design and Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as: East China General Institute; English name ECADI) was first established in 1952 and is one of the first large state-owned architectural design consulting enterprises in New China. In 1999, it was restructured from East China Architectural Design and Research Institute to East China Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. In 2016, it was restructured and renamed Huajian Group East China Architectural Design and Research Institute. It is a leading design company in Huajian Group engaged in major projects and high-end innovation fields. For more than 60 years, relying on strong technical strength and persistent innovation and development, East China General Institute has gradually developed into a famous architectural design enterprise based on the whole country and facing the world in the face of high-intensity international and domestic competition.
East China General Institute (ECADI) has always focused on the development orientation of "advanced international concepts and best Chinese practices", focusing on the front-end and high-end of the design consulting value chain, adhering to the concept of "Chinese design, international quality, and local service" to successfully create its own brand image . In general design control, whole-process consulting, super high-rise complexes, comprehensive transportation hubs, rail transit and three-dimensional cities, urban design, key cultural facilities, cultural tourism and characteristic towns, medical care and elderly care, industrial parks and central enterprise headquarters, conferences and exhibitions In many international design competitions in the fields of complex, historical building protection and existing building renewal, with international design concepts, creativity and quality control capabilities, a deep understanding of local customers and project needs, and a strong international team With the ability to integrate domestic technical resources and professional and efficient service management, we have completed a large number of challenging major engineering practices.
In recent years, the achievements of major projects of East China General Institute (ECADI) mainly include: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Zhuhai and Macao Port Project, BRICS New Development Bank Headquarters Building, Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center, Shenzhen Evergrande Center, Wuhan Center, Tianjin Juilliard School of Music, Shanghai Grand Opera House, new site of CCTV, office building of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Shanghai Hongqiao Comprehensive Transportation Hub, Pudong International Airport terminal and satellite hall, Kunming Changshui International Airport reconstruction and expansion project, new terminal building in Urumqi North Terminal Area, Tianjin Chow Tai Fook Financial Center, Nanjing Jiangbei New District Financial City, Jiangsu Grand Theater, Mount Putuo Guanyin Cultural Park, etc.
East China General Institute (ECADI) adheres to the development strategy of "based in Shanghai, serving the whole country, and facing the world". In Shanghai, it undertakes the design tasks of many landmark buildings in Shanghai, and is a backbone enterprise in the construction of Shanghai's "five centers" and "four major brands"; in China, the East China General Institute has 17 branches and operates in 31 provinces and The municipality directly under the Central Government has landmark design works and is the vanguard of the country's urban and rural construction; overseas, the design works of the East China General Institute cover 23 countries and regions on the seven continents of the world.
East China General Institute (ECADI) has won more than a thousand awards including national, construction, provincial and municipal excellent design awards, excellent engineering awards, scientific and technological progress awards, and excellent standard designs, and has trained academicians and national design masters. Many outstanding experts and talents.

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