IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Chinese courtyard south of the Yangtze River charm

by Zhou Xueliang

Projet Description

"The moonlight is like flowing water, quietly cascading on this leaf and flower. A thin green mist floats in the lotus pond. The leaves and flowers seem to have been washed in cow's milk; it is like a dream caged with light gauze." Mr. Zhu Ziqing’s description of the quiet moonlight is the finishing touch, just like modern people’s yearning for home, returning to natural and poetic dwelling.
The empty design makes the living room layout high-end and magnificent, and the neat lines portray the traditional symmetrical beauty. The balcony is turned into a leisure tea area, where you can sit and have a drink alone, or you can chat with friends and enjoy the tranquility of isolation over the years.
The dining and kitchen space full of wooden elements, and the furniture that brings the most pyrotechnic atmosphere to the dining atmosphere are carefully polished by the craftsmen.
Grinding out the texture of warm and moist like jade, like a jar of aged wine more and more long-lasting fragrance.
The furniture in the master bedroom is quaint and simple, and the soft and delicate gray-blue tone of the background wall can make people relax. The bedside lamp is chic and elegant, and its hazy beauty is like a dream and illusion, bringing the residents a peaceful and peaceful sleeping environment.

Zhou Xueliang
Zhou Xueliang
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