IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Jinke, Baohua Mountain, Zhenjiang, Guan Tian Xia

by MAUDEA (Shanghai) Interior Architects Ltd.

Projet Description

Lower stack: There is a trace of original natural beauty in the elegance, large area close to the natural color of wood, embellished with rattan, zebra stripes, and logs, all of which show the original power of nature. The design continues the low-saturation color combination method. Embellished with golden rich in classical charm, the calm and introverted temperament is juxtaposed with the elegant and refined style, and the artistic appeal of the space is emphasized. It gives out an elegant visual perception of space, which has the beauty of artistic conception and is intriguing.
Middle Stack: Switch between home and nature at will. In the morning, watch the spring glow of the stream, and listen to the birdsong in the evening. The designer fully retains the transparency of the space in the design of the living room, using a large area of stone and metal to present a sense of calm, and at the same time using the green sofa and the green countertop dining table as an embellishment.
In daily life, it creates a flow of fun, quiet, happy, and self-pleasure. The large windows of the guest dining room resemble a natural viewing frame, bringing the beauty of the four seasons into the home. The adjusted open kitchen brings connected functions and spatial feelings and breaks the beauty of the margins.
Top stack:
The large flat floor design with an area of 140 square meters always feels full of sincerity and texture here. There are not too many design techniques and accumulations of objects. Most of them are to create a functional and complete living space through humanized thinking, so that every corner of the home becomes a landscape and appreciates the beauty of life.

MAUDEA (Shanghai) Interior Architects Ltd.

上海牧笛室内设计工程有限公司MAUDEA (Shanghai) Interior Architects Ltd.

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