IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Professor Zhao’s gentle home

by Shanghuai Lin

Projet Description

The design of this case includes house building design and renovation, and interior space design and renovation. Respect the harmonious symbiosis relationship of nature, the architectural transformation and the original building reflect each other, and merge into the natural environment. The design of the interior space ranges from pattern to traffic flow, storage to vision, using modern and simple design concepts, focusing on the pleasure and convenience of life perceived by people and space, warm and comfortable, and the design composes the entire elegant living space.
Through the transformation of the original structure of the entrance hall, the external extension building increases the use space of the entrance hall and adds storage functions such as clothes cabinets and shoe cabinets. The column structure that could not be dismantled in the foyer is weakened by the design of arc corners. The design of lighting and mirror surface solves the original defects, transforms it into a bright spot and takes into account practicality. The living room retains the empty design to make the space open and transparent, allowing more sunlight to penetrate the entire space.
The ground material of the public space on the first floor uses warm gray carpet and non-slip floor tiles. The color design of the entire space uses warm white wallpaper as the main color, and the accessories are decorated with warm green curtains. The green dining chairs in the restaurant echo each other, integrating the green of nature into the indoor space. Use quiet, harmonious, elegant, fresh and natural atmosphere to create a gentle and elegant living space. The space design of the moving area of the etiquette area on the first floor, the entrance hall, the living room, the dining room, the open kitchen, the bathroom, the public toilet, the design from the traffic flow to the storage, and the use of different functions in a variety of life scenes. The convenience and comfort of living in human life are integrated with space aesthetics.

Shanghuai Lin
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