IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Children’s playground

by YUMU Interior Design

Project Description

In the duplex layout, we aim to turn the typical residence into a wonderland for children to grow up and have a happy childhood. First, the partitions and floor slabs are removed to create a sense of transparency vertically. Thanks to the open layout, windows bring lush greenery into the entire space. Secondly, the household equipment and furniture are placed against the wall. The staircase with twists and turns offers a spacious space to walk up and down. Finally, a swing, a climbing net, bars, and seats in different shapes create a fun-filled, functional environment for kids. In terms of material and color palette, faux fair-faced concrete finishes and wood tones instead of bright and vivid colors create a warm and simple base. The joyful laughter of the children and parents brings warmth to the space with low saturation colors.
The wood arch and hexagonal terrazzo tiles delineate the mud room at the entrance. A bay window along with a couch brings greenery from the window. The airy and unobstructed layout connects the living room and kitchen. In the living room, the net is placed in a ceiling cut-out. It serves as a playground for children and allows light to flow down from the second floor, adding a sense of brightness to the view. Upon closer inspection of the details, the use of wood trims offset the heaviness of the floor slabs, while also adding visual depth. The vertical column, on the other hand, enhances the overall load-carrying capacity to ensure safety. The laminate above the column is extended as an open bookshelf, weakening the rigidity of the column. A curved arc connects the TV wall and the glass display wall. The delicate stone patterns inside together with the paint in gray shades can ooze natural charm, creating harmonious indoor and outdoor living spaces. In the original layout, the kitchen was located deep within the house, making it feel dark and dreary. To solve the layout woe and bring the family closer, the kitchen is moved next to the living room. Furthermore, the white kitchenware can lighten and brighten up the space.
On the second floor, the wood flooring builds a playground for children. To ensure safety, the climbing net is secured with an iron frame and customized round tubes. Three different mesh sizes can prevent children from falling and injuring themselves from climbing through the openings. The cabinet doors break away from their box-shaped appearance and clear functions. The curves and the integration of the sofa and the book wall, reflecting flexibility among rigid volumes and offering an unrestricted lifestyle in the limited space.

YUMU Interior Design

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