IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Give up the form and enjoy the shadow

by Lu Yinping

Project Description

Design is not designed for design purposes, It simply connects design to the cycle of what is happening in the world." If love has a shape, it must be like a house, full of romance, art, freedom and love." In this big family bearing the sound of music, joy, reading and laughter, the space also integrates the personality and emotion of the family.

Lu Yinping

Hangzhou YP space design master Lu Yinping called himself a "researcher of life", design is not for design and design, design should be a language expression, rather than stylizing. YP space design is committed to realizing customers' yearning for ideal space and turning their thoughts into reality. The team provides exclusive personalized customized solutions for each customer.
Designer motto: spotless, plain and clear; Look at the world with a calm mind and pursue the beauty of art in life.

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