IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Light reshape life

by Chen Min

Project Description

This case is located in Jiangbei District, Beibin Road, Liujia Quay Jialing River Bank. To interpret the living conditions of urban people at present, to build a comfortable and comfortable residence in a prosperous city, to integrate the life aesthetics with the space art, and to build through the space with pleasant movement and quietness, to enable the inhabitants to return to their true selves in the world of their lives. The natural and elegant state infiltrates in the life, the space and the inhabitant nourish each other, depend on each other symbiotically, witnesses together the time to carve the abundant and the thickness in the life. This is the owner of the home has been living in three years to see the space and the residents of the good state. I think, design is silent language, space will speak!

Chen Min

Design concept: the Craftsman builds the body of the space, the inhabitant endows the soul of the home, and the design creates the eternal vitality. The design you choose, the life you live in the future.

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