IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Chengdu Xuhui Yunyue Mingdi Sales Office


Projet Description

The essence of space lies in relationship and emotion, the former is based on logic, and the latter is based on sensibility. Chengdu Jianyang, on the coast of Tuojiang River, the sunrise and sunset, the mountains and rivers are intoxicating. Chengdu Xuhui Bihui Garden•Yunyue Mingdi Sales Office is located here. Following the topography, take the idea of Yamagata. The building blends into nature, the landscape follows the trend, and the interior talks to nature. The designer embeds the specific historical memory and pure human landscape into the project, combining technology and value selection from the urban concept, to convey the poetic mood of "the slanting mountain holds the moon, the river reflects the lights". Create a future experiential place and use it as a starting point for yearning and exploring the future to interpret eternity and classics.

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