IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Changzhou Juning Gold Waterfront Project — a dream home for artistic life

by Lingbo Li

Projet Description

This case is a set of modern simple art Kongjia works. The husband and wife of the owner are young and promising. They are engaged in the financial investment industry and have two daughters. They have unique opinions and experiences on the mood of life and the aesthetic taste of space art. The designer is well aware of the importance of artistic home environment to people's life at present. While creating an "idealist" with the owner, the designer makes the idea revert from dream to reality.

Lingbo Li

Adhere to the artistic vision to examine the relationship between space and time, with the design of the two perfect combination.
Since practicing, he has won many design awards in the industry for 11 consecutive years. Good at capturing the forefront of the industry with keen perception. His design is between rational thinking and emotional expression, and he always pursues to solve practical problems and create value with design. With rich practical experience in high-end luxury homes and commercial design, he is good at combining art, business and design to create high-quality experience.

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