IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

BOO clothing store project


Projet Description

The building is a square box, and the interior space is also a square box. The interior space is composed of several square boxes. I achieve the interior space through different combinations of square boxes and different ways of use. After determining how to use the indoor space, various openings can be made on the facade of the building. All the doors and windows are determined according to the indoor functions, so there is this special building facade. modeling. In the process of interior design, I focus more on the ethereal interior space. Because the space that can really be used in the interior space is the area other than the finished wall; the use status of each empty space can be arranged through different furniture combination colors and spatial positions, and the order of soft decoration and walking can also be adjusted. , traffic flow lines to adjust the use state of this space, hoping to make a flexible space. I will retain more of the beam-column structure of the building. This beam-column structure represents the mood of the entire building. I will retain the lazy and rough mood of the entire building, and then add appropriate techniques and designs. The technique is used to achieve the overall design, which is fun and easy.
Because this is a commercial design, I fully consider the liquid used in the design space when I make the design, because I need to take into account the two functions of clothing sales and cafes in the same space, but I don't want to combine the two functions. Splitting, I hope there will be commercial linkage between each other, so the whole space is made particularly transparent, and in this way, the effect of linkage can be achieved. As a whole, a lot of large-area windows and floor-to-ceiling windows have been made. The first one is to attract the effect and make the light more transparent; the second one is to make people feel more pleasant to move inside. The third is to borrow the scenery and bring the streetscape from the outside into the interior, so that people can be in the nature inside.


Member of the Youth Development Association Founder of Hangzhou Lihe Decoration Design Co., Ltd. ICDA (International Architectural Decoration Interior Design Association) certified senior interior designer

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