IDPA Japan Design Award

Boating on the Ou River at night


Projet Description

Located in the core of the main city, the project is a place where the splendor and prosperity of the city are gathered together. The designer combines the unique landscape of the Ou River to unfold endless ideas for the future picture of urban life.
Jiduo's design uses the building's own arc shape and transparent glass interface, taking the view into the room as the starting point of the design, and adopts the quiet aesthetics to accept the gift of nature from the outstanding people. The overall soft decoration uses minimalist design techniques to ingeniously blend the boundless scenery of indoor and outdoor, allowing the building to disappear. The relationship between "seeing" and "being seen" is arbitrarily interpreted, giving the city a more advanced life concept, and letting the design illuminate the urban life on the Bund like a beacon.



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