IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Beautiful Music

by Fuzhou Weifan Building Design Co. , Ltd.

Projet Description

Music is like a fountain of soul flowing, fluctuating, stretching in space, spiraling up a series of steps like the orbit of a star, it's a kind of dreamy feeling, the first sound of the piano is accompanied by a wonderful melody in the tunnel of time and space, as if in which, washing their own minds. The simplicity between the white nature ushered in one after another by the composition of the music, Yantai Mountain, the ancient style of the historical traces and modern art collision, touching the hearts of the songs winding around here, this is the metaphysical experience and feelings, the integration of human history and art of the Feast thus opened the curtain.

Fuzhou Weifan Building Design Co. , Ltd.

Weifan Architectural Design Co. , Ltd. is an international multi-dimensional interior design company, always adhere to creative design as the core, with unique design logic and modern aesthetics, innovation in the future, construction quality with a unique vision and sensitive thinking, to break the inherent design boundary. Take this as the creation basis, take the art form of the different domain as the medium, lets the space produce the new experience and the blend. Try to study the humanities environment, the space function, the structure form, the material detail, forms the unique design language and the space artistic conception to produce the emotion interaction.

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