IDPA Japan Design Award

Center One International Green Island

by Zeybekoglu and Associates, Inc.

Projet Description

Parking +Ride Mode
Center One, International Green Island is located in the portal of Baguang area in Dapeng new district, Shenzhen. The site is surrounded by the mountain and the sea, with the east side and north side adjacent to the urban waterfront landscape corridor, enjoying an excellent ecological environment. As the pioneering project of three public transportation hubs in Baguang area and the start-up project of the central area of Biovalley Shenzhen, the design aims to build the project into a new scientific innovation service complex integrating green ecology, intelligence, high efficiency and vitality space.
Old Layout, New Image
The project adopts the traditional courtyard layout, high-rise buildings are set up along the urban fringe, and podium buildings are laid out as efficiently as possible. In terms of building image, the roof of the surrounding high-rise buildings uses the set-back model, with high and low platforms, echoing the rolling mountains in the distance, while ensuring a good view facing the sea. Meanwhile, the straight and sharp facades of street corners create a strong visual effect.
Multi-dimensional Public Space
We create a three-dimensional public space system composing the underground, the ground and the air, organically linking mountains, the sea and the city. By opening to the city street corners and integrating into a public transport hub, the project will bring a continuous flow of people and vitality and ensure the sustainable development of the area. The public open space has built a comfortable urban living room to meet the citizens’ need of transferring, landscape viewing, relaxing and entertaining, and stimulates a vibrant urban life.

Zeybekoglu and Associates, Inc.

ZNA is a Boston based firm of Architecture, Urban Design, Master Planning and Interior Design. Responding to the need for excellence in both design and project management, with a proven design creativity and professional competence.
ZNA presents credentials that reflect an exceptional and rare array of experience. With executed projects valued at over $10 billion, ZNA is a firm with national and international credits. ZNA projects span campus master plans, urban design, residential developments, resort hospitality, and educational, commercial and institutional facilities. Clients have included the United States Federal Government, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Harvard University, University of Sarajevo, and a roster of major institutions, commercial and industrial concerns. A number of projects with international influence, such as Dubai Healthcare City, China's first seven-star hotel, Fairmount Sanya Haitang Bay Hotel, the largest conference complex in East Asia, Qingdao Mangrove Resort & Conference Hotel, etc., have successively won the National Ministry of Construction, Chinese and American Institute of Architects, Cityscape Global Best Planning Award, IPA International Design Award Global Best Hotel Architecture Award, IAI Global Design Award Gold Award and other domestic and international honors.
ZNA represents a union of highly experienced architects and planners with profound design skills and rich backgrounds. With a combined professional experience over four decades, their work reflects a sweeping range of architectural activity and projects, from the design and execution of large-scale international projects involving major American companies, to the management of organizations with several hundred employees. Early in their careers, the founding partners have each worked with internationally recognized architects and have participated in the creation of some of the best known buildings in contemporary architecture; later have held direct responsibility for the design, management and completion of major developments.
ZNA is an evolving and dynamic association with unique design personality and pragmatic resourcefulness, with several first-prize winning projects in design competitions. Close attention to client requirements, completing professional commitments within established time and budgetary limits and meticulous technical accomplishment are the firm’s well-known characteristics. ZNA generate dynamism, vitality and vision with a breadth of experience that ensures reliability, performance and excellence. In 2007, ZNA opened the doors of a new branch in Beijing. The establishment of ZNA |ZEYBEKOGLU AND ASSOCIATES, BEIJING, LTD. Afforded ZNA the opportunity to increase its overseas presence, and the branch immediately began assembling an amazingly talented staff from around the world. Together, the creative team of Architects, Urban Planners, Landscape and Interior Architects, and Graphic Designers undertake a vast scope of challenging projects, and offer thoughtful, sustainable solutions as their response.

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