IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Building 72, Yipin, Lizhou

by Yang Jian

Projet Description

The design of this work is modern style, through a reasonable plane layout, natural comfort for the modern style to add Chinese elements. Take the light color as the main tone, join some red to bump the color, Echo with the Chinese style element. According to the customer’s request increased tea tasting area, so the central idea of the case design is to meet the needs of the main household. On this basis, reasonable collocation of color and material, so that the whole space harmonious and beautiful, warm and comfortable, both the warmth of the home and rich artistic atmosphere, let a person back home to relax and enjoy the feeling

Yang Jian

National Water Supply and drainage engineers, focusing on indoor space planning and innovation, good at color collocation and space image design.
Graduated from Tongji Academy in 2002.
Started working in interior design in 2003.
Design of Office Building Hall of PICC Yongkang City.
Design of model room in Zhongtai town.
Yang Jian’s design is people-oriented, all around people’s life and production activities to create a perfect indoor environment, carefully observe life, let the design and life interaction.

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